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Wronged by a Seller Disclosure Issue or Fraud in Phoenix? Do You Feel Helpless and/or Angry? Looking For a Tenacious, Efficient, Empathetic, and Highly Rated Real Estate Fraud Lawyer? Contact Us To Find Out Your Options For Recovery.

We help you recover damages and get the issue fixed when you’ve been wronged in a real estate deal

Did You Purchase A Home Under Fraudulent Pretenses?

If so, you could face a myriad of serious—and potentially fatal consequences including (but not limited to):

  • Losing thousands of dollars in equity because your house is worth less than you expected.
  • Suffering a severe personal injury or even death due to mold. (sadly, we’ve seen it happen)
  • Experiencing alienation from your own family because you have no choice but to move out of your home and create separate living arrangements for everyone.
  • Ruining your relationships with your loved ones living with you in the damaged home.

What Can Fraud Fighters Law Firm Do For You?

At Fraud Fighters Law Firm, we will leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure:

  • You get your entire purchase price back, plus damages to compensate for move-in costs, improvements, interest, and closing costs.
  • You receive compensation for repair costs and diminished value if you choose to stay in the house since the condition of the home was much worse than expected.

What Is Required To Be Disclosed?

We help people in Arizona resolve disputes and, when applicable, get their money back when they’ve been cheated in real estate deals and contracts. We do this through various means such as negotiation and, if needed, lawsuits and trial litigation. These are some of the things we work with clients to resolve:

Areas that are material and therefore require disclosure include:

  • Ownership, including potential issues with title or easements
  • Property location (specifically if the real estate is in an unincorporated area)
  • Structural and safety issues related to heating, plumbing, electricity, swimming pools, saunas, improvements, and animal infestations
  • Utilities and drinking water
  • Environmental issues related to mold, soil, drainage, noise, and odors

This list is not meant to include everything that a seller must disclose. We encourage you to review the Residential Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS) and make notes of anything you believe should have been revealed but wasn’t. The legal team at Fraud Fighters Law Firm can discuss these items with you in a strategy session to determine the severity of the real estate fraud you’ve experienced and the best way to proceed in recovering damages.

The most important thing to keep in mind is this: If you bought real estate and were sincerely surprised at its condition, it’s worth talking to a lawyer about that.

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What Does Not Have To Be Disclosed?

Though not every little flaw or issue with a property has to be disclosed, it’s a good idea for a seller to err on the side of caution and reveal everything that has the potential to be considered material. For example, a small carpet stain or scratch on the floor isn’t likely to be significant enough to require disclosure. Generally speaking, an item needs to be disclosed if any one of the following is true:

  • It affects a buyer’s decision to buy the property
  • It affects the value of the property
  • It affects the buyer’s use of the property

However, there are three critical items that a seller has no obligation to disclose even though a reasonable buyer might perceive them as material:

  1. Whether a sex offender lives in the vicinity
  2. Whether a murder, death, suicide or felony occurred on the property
  3. Whether a person with HIV or AIDS resided on the property

For the first two issues, sex offender status and death or felonies on the property, the rationale is that this information is easily accessible for free online. Prospective buyers can search for convicted sex offenders in the area through the Arizona Department of Public Safety database. Concerning deaths and felonies on the property, there are various online resources a buyer should review as part of their due diligence. For the issue of diseases like HIV and AIDS, disclosure is not required because these diseases are not known to be transmissible through mere occupancy.

A seller cannot lie despite the lack of disclosure requirements in these three areas. For example, if a buyer asks if a sex offender lives nearby, a seller can be held liable for saying “no” if, in fact, a sex offender lives next door. Here a seller could say they are not legally required to answer, but lying puts them in a situation where they could be held to standards of fraudulent misrepresentation.

Don't Wait

Because there is often a time period (the statute of limitations) after which you cannot bring an action for lack of seller disclosure, it’s important to see if you have a case and find out your options ASAP. Tell us your situation and see how we can help you.

Why Choose Fraud Fighters Law Firm?

Client Reviews– Fraud Fighters Law Firm (Doncaster Law PLLC)

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Actual Words Clients Have Used to Describe Us & Their Experience:

“Samuel didn’t just deliver the results we desired; he completely exceeded them, obtaining a unanimous jury verdict in our favor as well as an unexpected award for punitive damages!”, “well prepared and extremely professional,” “has a great bedside manner and his knowledge and ability to explain clearly are a huge help to those of us who have no prior dealings with the legal arena,” “very thorough and helped me understand the letter of the law and also the likely outcome,” “he helped change the trajectory of not only our case but our life, and we will remain forever grateful for the results he gave us, as well as his friendship,” “I hold him in the highest regard, and I certainly would recommend his services for anyone that needs an attorney that knows the law and gets the job done!”, “handled our case with care and professionalism and also got us the result we were hoping for,” “to say he is a phenomenal trial attorney would be an understatement,” “restored our faith that good people still exist – even lawyers!”

If these things are what you are looking for in a law firm, then contact us to see how we can help you.

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We have become known as “Arizona’s anti-fraud law firm” for a reason. We take sides, YOUR side. We hold the liars, scammers and the dishonest to account. Why let them get away with it? If you’ve been wronged from a real estate transaction or situation, breach of contract, or business dispute, we help you get justice and what you deserve to ensure that your most valuable investment is protected and restored.

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